The Best Database Extractor On The Web – Semalt Expert

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines depend on web scrapers and bots to pull content from the internet. They also use different spiders and web crawlers to index web pages; a database extractor, also known as data extractor, allows you to scrape useful information from the World Wide Web. It works entirely in the background and is responsive to queries. Plus, you can transform the raw and unorganized data into the structured, organized, readable and scalable form.

With a database extractor, you can easily parse web pages, extract emails, phone, and fax numbers, and save the content to your hard disk for offline browsing. This tool uses recognizable patterns to identify the data fields and extracts them according to your requirements. The best data extractors are discussed below.

1. PRTG Data Extractor:

PRTG Data Extractor is an interactive and powerful database extractor primarily used to collect raw data from the internal database of a PRTG server. You can then transform this rough data into a readable form and store it in a Microsoft SQL database. PRTG Data Extractor is best known for its user-friendly control panel and allows you to create your own web documents with ease. You can also monitor the quality of your data and use it in combination with other data extractors. This service lets you evaluate the data reports uniquely and interactively, saving your time and energy to an extent.

2. DB Dumper (A Database Extractor):

With DB Dumper, you can download ZIP files to your hard drive with just a few clicks and don't need to compromise on the quality of your web content. It is primarily used to extract information from charts and tables and uses an ODBC driver to connect and work with DBs. It has various unique options and features to ease your data scraping tasks and can help you extract tags, meta descriptions, keywords, product descriptions, and pricing information from the internet. The scraped data can be exported to TSV, Custom, HTML and CSV files without any issue. This service can parse hundreds to thousands of files in a few seconds and collect informative content for you.

3. SQL Database Extractor:

One of the most distinctive and prominent features of SQL Database Extractor is that it can scrape information from a large number of files and saves it in a pre-defined format. You can also target meta tags and product descriptions with this service, and the data is collected from the internal database without any issue.

Crawlbot - An Alternative to the Above-Mentioned Web Extractors:

Various businessmen and programmers opt for Diffbot due to its interactive, reliable and unique properties. No doubt, Crawlbot is one of the best web scrapers on the internet that offers a smart solution for dynamic web pages. It uses XPath or CSS Selectors to perform its tasks and allows you to scrape content from simple and dynamic sites comfortably. Plus, Diffbot is capable of crawling millions of URLs at high speed.